How to Choose the Ideal Golf Polo Shirt?

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What will you wear when you go to play golf? Of course, it is golf polo t-shirts, so how to choose the ideal golf polo shirt? And what direction will you take to choose a golf polo shirt of your own? Is it from the version or color or material? I don't want to be used as a caddie in a high-end sport again. Polo shirts the development for several years, and the technology has been slowly updated. Nowadays, a good polo shirt allows for a more elegant swing, and the best styles offer a lot of movement so that they don't interfere with the athleticism of the golf swing, while they also sit comfortably on your torso and arms. A suitable material can be breathable in the hot sun and even fast drying to wick away sweat so that UV rays don't burn your skin. Next, I will give you advice on how to pick the fitting golf polo shirt for you in 4 ways.

1.Select Golf Polo Shirt According to Age


Polo shirts are undoubtedly the most suitable for guys to wear because the origin of polo shirts and the inventor of polo shirts are men, so there is no better than this group of people to wear polo shirts. So how about how to choose polo shirts according to age group? Even if the boys wear polo shirts are also divided into age levels, for example, people in their twenties and forty or fifty years old, both in terms of style and material have obvious differences.

The t-shirt will be more personalized, this t-shirt will have a sense of design, his logo will be larger, the pattern may be small animals or is more characteristic of some patterns, fancier. Rendering the youthful exuberance and personality of this age group.

For business people around 30 years old, how to wear not to step on the mine, not to show old, not greasy, has become a major daily problem. Here to share a few worthy of private business casual men's polo shirts, senior not to clash with the shirt, wear a "business comfortable". For 30+ men polo shirts should be chosen like this. The square-shouldered version is just right to outline the man's broad shoulders and back, giving a full and reliable impression. The simplicity of the point to plain clothes, the overall line is smooth, gram weight should also choose a heavier, so it looks better version, people also become spiritual, look more formal. When you go out to play golf you can also make the range of motion more fluid. Such golf shirts are also suitable for daily wear business wear, office wear; sports & outdoor activities: like golf, tennis, workout, jogging, hiking, camping, and other sports.


2.Select Golf Polo Shirt According to Color


Color is very important for men to choose a business polo shirt that suits them. Because any color polo shirt worn on the body will have a different feel, if you want to wear a good effect on the color match need to spend more time. Because polo shirts are suitable to wear on men over 30 +. So polo shirts should be mainly stable, so some dark colors are a good option to solid colors are better.

Those with white skin can handle any color, but if you wear pink, watermelon red, blue, yellow, light orange, and other light shades of polo shirts will make you more spirited. If you want to make yourself more formal for special occasions, black is your first choice. Black can also reflect your healthy and dynamic. For more colors of clothes, you can check out MAGCOMSEN

3.Select Golf Polo Shirt According to Material


Polo shirts are available in a variety of natural and synthetic materials so the material is also an important factor in choosing a polo shirt. Cotton is the most common natural material used in polo shirts. Cotton polo shirts are usually lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Currently popular is a mix of cotton and polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is strong and durable and dries quickly. Polyester is also used to make wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Blended fabrics are often used in company polo shirts or uniforms because the blend of synthetics improves durability and stain resistance, and is cheaper than cotton. The clothing worn by athletes is basically polyester performance material. These are usually made from lightweight synthetics or blends that include spandex for stretch and comfort. High-performance polo shirts provide UV protection, wick moisture away and reduce odor, and dry quickly.

4.Select Golf Polo Shirt According to Fit



The cuffs are loose enough to fit the arms, and if you have muscular arms, you can also show a quality body shape. The polo shirt with slightly loose cuffs is recommended for men who are thin, so as to expand the arm line and show more robustness, but it should not be too loose, it will not look sharp enough.

Shoulder width is the key to the outline of polo shirts. The excess part of the shoulders will look like the body is out of shape, so it is best to choose the position just above the shoulder line as the shoulder width fits well to avoid wrinkles. A fitted garment will highlight your posture and body type, so to look more fashionable, it is best to choose a fitted one.

The polo shirt's hemline should not be too long, if it covers 2/3 of the hip, it will look very sloppy and cumbersome. At the same time, it should not be too short. The length of the hemline just falls in the middle of the pants placket and covers the waistband.